Permanent Jewellery is now available on The Central Coast, NSW!

Aligned Gemini Co is now offering the latest trend in jewellery with permanent bracelets and anklets, in sterling silver or 9ct gold filled !

Please see FAQ's relating to Permanent Jewellery from Aligned Gemini Co.


What is Permanent Jewellery? Permanent jewellery, also known as forever jewellery or infinity bracelet is a chain that is welded onto your body with a micro welder, without a clasp.

Permanent Jewellery is designed to be worn always or until you decide to snip it off.

Is permanent jewellery safe for MRI or XRAY? Consult with your doctor if you will be required to remove your permanent jewellery during your appointment. (It is up to the discretion of the doctor) Precious metals such as sterling silver do not contain ferrous metals (magnetic).

IF you do need your permanent jewellery to be removed for a treatment, simply use a sharp pair of scissors to snip the O ring (where the weld was performed) and we can re weld for a small fee.

Can I wear my permanent jewellery through airport scanners? YES! It is safe to do so. Delicate jewellery rarely (if ever) needs to be removed. Simply advise that your bracelet is permanent, and you will be required to cut it off.


How long does Gold Filled jewellery last for? The Gold layer is significant and is permanently bonded to the base metal with pressure and intense heat, you will not get any flaking or peeling. If taken care of, Gold filled will last as long as solid gold.


Will my permanent jewellery tarnish? Keep jewellery clean from perfumes, makeup creams or other chemical products. Avoiding this could result in gold filled or sterling silver tarnishing slightly over time.

Simply polish or buff your permanent jewellery from time to time with the provided polishing cloth from your appointment. Some chlorine may oxidise the chain with excessive use.

Every person has different natural skin oils that *may affect the jewellery shine. Aligned  Gemini Co will not replace your piece after a period of 7 days due to tarnish.


Who shouldn’t get permanent jewellery? Those with pacemakers are not recommended to get permanent jewellery because of the welding process. Allergies to gold filled & sterling silver are rare, but those with allergies should not get permanent jewellery.


What if my permanent piece breaks? If your permanent jewellery breaks from the welded join within a 7-day timeframe, we will re weld for free (as long as you still have the chain)

Like any piece of jewellery, it can break or snap if your bracelet gets caught on something. If your permanent piece does break, you are more than welcome to book for a re-weld for a small fee.

We are unable to replace lost pieces.

Will it hurt? Absolutely Not! Unless you count the painful decision of choosing the style of chain or how many you want to get on the day!! There is no pain involved. A piece of leather as rested on your area of choice as a precaution.