Anxiety Relief Jewellery

Sterling Silver Anxiety Ring | Helps with anxiety and depression | Helps with nail biting, finger picking and acts as a 'fidget' in the form of a dainty styled ring.


Our Anxiety Relief jewellery has been designed to ease anxiety, stop nail biting/picking and encourage calm by being a distraction technique when feeling anxious.

Our rings, necklaces & bracelets have helped many who suffer from Anxiety and depression. They act as an aid when feeling overwhelm or anxious.

Children also benefit from our anxiety rings as they also are a 'fidget ring'.

Ease your anxiety, and look good whilst doing so!

The repetitive motion of playing with anxiety relief jewellery can help promote mindfulness and relaxation.
As you focus on the movement of the moving beads, you may find yourself becoming more aware of your breath and bodily sensations, which can help you feel more grounded and centered.

It can serve as a stylish and fashionable accessory that can easily complement any outfit or style with the added bonus of being able to wear this jewellery all day/everyday being sterling silver.

Play and fidget with this jewellery all day, every day.


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3 reasons why you need an anxiety relief jewellery.

1. Your anxiety will be lessened when wearing this piece of jewellery as it acts as a distraction or calming technique
2. You can wear our Sterling silver jewellery 24/7 with no need to take it off to shower or swim and no rusting.
3. Our pieces are minimal and dainty and blend in so you have no fear in reaching for them whenever needed